Foster a Culture of Consistency and Accountability

Every maritime company needs policies and procedures to operate effectively and successfully; they guide your organization, meet regulatory requirements, increase the consistency of your operations, hold your employees accountable, help navigate incidents, and reduce the risk of liability.

Moreover, they support the growth of a strong public health culture. When your teams know what they’re supposed to do — and they understand the reasons why — it helps create a unified culture built on trust.

The Cost of Ineffective Procedures

Inadequate public health management can have serious repercussions for your business. Well-maintained policies and procedures that are compliant with current maritime regulations help prevent incidents that may:

Result in lawsuits
and financial losses

Cause inconsistencies in standards and practices across your fleet

Leave you with little control over the actions of your crew

Compromise your
operational excellence

Damage your brand
and reputation

Waste valuable
resources and time

If your company has been affected by any of the above, then maybe it’s time for a different approach.

How Maritime Health Services Can Help

MHS supports your company with the development of public health policies and procedures that are clear, all-inclusive, and easy to understand, including:

  • Outbreak Prevention and Response Plans (OPRPs)
  • Water Safety Plans
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Plans
  • Allergen Control Programs
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Plans
  • SOPs covering topics such as:
    • Communicable Disease Surveillance & Control
    • Employee Health & Hygiene
    • Food Safety
    • Potable Water
    • Recreational Water Facilities
    • Pest Management

Gain a Strategic Edge Over Your Competitors

By building a strong public health culture, you can prevent incidents, promote greater efficiency, lower crew turnover, and reduce compliance failures. Characteristics like these can give your business an invaluable strategic edge over your competitors.