Expert Public Health Solutions for a Safer Voyage

At MHS, we provide the full range of public health components necessary to mitigate maritime health hazards and risks. All our solutions are available as one-off services or components within a fully customizable public health program, individually tailored to fulfil your specific needs.

Maritime Public Health Services

As the maritime industry has its own set of regulations, guidelines, requirements, and challenges, our expertise lies in providing services specifically tailored to address those needs.

Policies & Procedures

The Building Blocks to Public Health Excellence

Public health policies and procedures are the bearing your team members set course to. When they are incomprehensible, ineffective, or difficult to follow, the consequences for your business can be very serious.

Image of a ship captain charting a course.

Training & Coaching

Chart a Course Towards a Culture of Public Health

The answer to the question, “How important is training?” is always the same: Absolutely Critical. Our public health training and coaching strategies make sure your crew – and company – reach their maximum potential.

Image of a rope from tied to a dock.

Inspections & Audits

Culture Transformation is a Journey — It’s Time to Cast Off

It only takes one inspection to damage your company’s reputation. True quality comes from the improvement of processes, which is why our public health inspection and audit programs focus on the opportunities to do so.

Outbreak Management

A Plan for When Things Don’t Go to Plan

Disease outbreaks limit revenue generation and cause lasting harm to your brand. Our extensive experience in conducting outbreak investigations ensures a swift conclusion and helps prevent reoccurrences.

Compliance & Technical Services

Sail Away with Confidence

When done correctly, compliance becomes a competitive advantage. We’ve developed an extensive portfolio of services to make sure your business complies with the latest public health regulations and best practices.

Whether you need support with a specific issue or are interested in a fully customizable program geared towards creating a successful and sustainable public health culture, we’re dedicated to unleashing your company’s potential.

Value Our Clients Can Expect

The right approach to public health can take your company to the next level. When you find a partner who can capture your brand’s personality and truly connect with your vision, there’s no turning back.

A reduction in health hazards and risks that can damage your company’s brand, reputation, and bottom line

Targeted strategies focused on inspiring the growth of successful and sustainable public health cultures

Tailored solutions to ensure compliance with requirements of specific regulatory bodies, flag states, and company SOPs

Increased crew productivity, efficiency, and safety, while reducing illness-associated operational costs

By guaranteeing your public health, we know we’re investing in the overall success of your business. And just as one sick person can start an outbreak, so, too, can small, but precisely targeted measures cause a culture to blossom and thrive.

Answers to Common Questions

What public health areas do your solutions cover?

We offer the complete spectrum of public health elements necessary to provide a safe and healthy environment to operate in by covering fields such as communicable disease prevention & control, food safety, integrated pest management, potable water safety, and recreational water facility management.

Can your services be tailored to comply with cruise industry-specific requirements?

We tailor our services to your needs to ensure compliance with the requirements of your maritime sector, company procedures, flag state, and any regulatory health bodies including, but not limited to, the CDC’s Vessel Sanitation Program, EU SHIPSAN ACT, Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa), Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA), and Public Health Agency of Canada.

Can disease outbreaks be fully prevented on board?

While risk cannot be completely eliminated, with proper contingency measures established, it can be substantially reduced. Effective risk mitigation programs significantly decrease both the likelihood and severity of communicable disease outbreaks protecting your brand, reputation, and revenue in the process.

Are your public health strategies suitable for our company?

Absolutely! Our recommendations always balance what is optimal from an infection control perspective with what is practical and operationally feasible to implement on board. Control measures that are challenging to execute or are unlikely to be accepted, will not be successful in minimizing risk.

How do you evaluate where priorities should be focused?

We propose an audit of your on board operations as a first step. Our audits provide us with qualitative information to determine whether your operations are compliant with industry health regulations and best practices, identify weaknesses in your management systems, and help us find opportunities to improve your company processes.

Harmonize Health & Safety With Success

With our public health initiatives as your compass, you’ll discover the true north of well-being for both your crew and company. Let’s journey together towards a future where safety and success go hand in hand.