Maritime Health Services Announces New Website

Maritime Public Health Services, Your Partners in Public Health.

Maritime Health Services (MHS)—a maritime public health services company specializing in public health cultures—announces the launch of its new website: Maritime Health Services. MHS’s site is full of critical information regarding establishing and maintaining public health protocols. Moreover, it outlines best practices to achieve a sustainable approach to safeguarding the health of crew and the financial well-being inherent in building a reputation of corporate care.

David Best, MHS’s Founder, says, “In recent years, public health has moved more center stage in the ethos of maritime companies. For those of us immersed in the implications of the benefits of a proactive public health culture, it’s welcome news. Of course, the parameters of public health can be misunderstood or considered less than valuable as a part of a company’s strategic planning. Our new website—and related blog and social posts—are intended as resources to propel maritime public health even further forward.”

Site visitors can peruse suggested policies and procedures, training and coaching, inspections and audits, outbreak investigation management, and compliance and technical considerations and how Maritime Health Services can help. “Our mission is to provide cost-effective, client-tailored services that empower maritime companies of all sizes to create successful and sustainable public health cultures,” says Best. “The launch of our website is a critical first step in both learning more about us and, also, creating a foundational framework for our industry to dig deeper into promoting public health, with our upcoming blogs intent on doing the same. We tackle critical considerations and implications of establishing robust public health positions for every seafarer and soul on board, and the many, and varied, companies of the global shipping, cruise, and yachting markets.”

About Maritime Health Services

Your Culture, Our Mission

Our mission—to provide cost-effective, client-tailored solutions that empower maritime companies of all sizes to create successful and sustainable public health cultures.

At MHS, we enhance public health standards by putting your company’s culture at the center of our philosophy. Our solutions focus both on compliance with regulatory requirements and help inspire that magic moment when ideas, trends and social behavior cross a threshold, tip, and spread outwards like the oceans we sail upon.